Samsung CLP C300A Cyan Laser Cartridge (CLP-C300A)

by Samsung
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Part Number: Samsung CLP-C300A toner cartridge
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The Samsung CLP-C300A is a Samsung-original cartridge. You're guaranteed of 100% compatibility with your Samsung printer and the best image quality available. In return, you'll pay more than you would for a compatible replacement from a third-party manufacturer.

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Technical Details
Works With
The CLP-C300A toner cartridge is suitable for use in the following printers:
These Samsung CLP printers use the CLP-C300A toner cartridge:
CLP 300 CLP 300N
These Samsung CLX printers use the CLP-C300A toner cartridge:
CLX 2160 CLX 2160N
CLX 2161K CLX 3160
Compatible CLP-C300A Replacements
The following cartridges are brand-new compatible replacements for the CLP-C300A toner cartridge. They can be used in your printer instead of the Samsung CLP-C300A and cost you a fraction of the price:
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