Canon PG540XL High Capacity Black Ink Cartridge (PG-540XL)

by Canon
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Part Number: Canon PG-540XL ink cartridge
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Technical Details

The Canon PG-540XL is a Canon-original cartridge. You're guaranteed of 100% compatibility with your Canon printer and the best image quality available. In return, you'll pay more than you would for a compatible replacement from a third-party manufacturer.

PG-540XL Canon Ink Cartridge

Canon PG-540XL (5222B005) is a high yield black cartridge which is 21ml in capacity. Canon PG-540xl is based on Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) technology. FINE print head technology replaces previous Bubble Jet and Micro Fine Droplet technologies. FINE based print head is used in Pixma series range of inkjet printers. Canon's innovative FINE print head technology combined with its unique ink ejection mechanism has enabled Canon to achieve dramatic improvements in image quality, gradation expression, and image stability. Inkjet printers rely on size of ink droplets and ejection mechanism to produce high image quality. Canon's FINE print head ensures that ink is pushed out in a single ejection with a higher speed than other printers i.e. 1.5 times more, therefore reducing ink droplets susceptibility to airflow disturbances and increases placement accuracy. FINE produces high quality photo printing by achieving smaller droplet size, employing up to 6,000 nozzles in roughly the size of a thumbprint, combined with a faster delivery mechanism.

Key Features of PG 540XL ink

Delivers dramatic improvements in image quality when combined with Canon genuine photo paper.

Maximises image stability and gradation expression.

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