Genuine Ricoh GC 31K Gel Print Black Ink Cartridge, 1.9K Page Yield (405688)

Ricoh GC 31K Gel Print Black Ink Cartridge, 1.9K Page Yield

Genuine Ricoh 405688

  •    Standard Capacity black ink cartridge
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Genuine standard capacity Ricoh black ink cartridge, part number 405688 for 10 Ricoh GX printers.

Use Ricoh gc31k ink cartridges effectively

Only 40% of printer ink cartridges are sent back for recycling purpose and rest of 60% are thrown away to landfill and this causes a considerable damage to your environment. You must send your used products for remanufacturing as this will make you save cash and this is also true if you are using Ricoh 405688, gc31k ink cartridges for getting printing. With the passage of time, the use of printing products has been increased, along with the waste of it, which is a great threat for the existence of the earth. You will have to come to a point of consensus where people are committed to make effort to make this world green. <br><br>Ricoh 405688 ink cartridges are made in such a manner that they are easy to refill as you don’t have to confront with refilling stuff. You only have a couple of technical hands to refill them as this is made easy with a refilling kit available in the market place. You can easy get your kit form market as this is better suggested you to purchase refilling kits as soon as you pay money for Ricoh gel 31black cartridges. Go green with your surrounding and keep your pocket happy with the help of gc31k black ink cartridges as they are really cost effective and user friendly in nature.

Cheap printing with remanufactured Ricoh gc31k ink cartridges

If you want to make your printing far cheap as this is not possible for you to afford costly printing then this is better to make use of remanufactured Ricoh 405688 black, gc31k ink cartridges as they are sold at very reasonable price. These printer ink cartridges are sold out at much discounted rates as they are made by third party vendors not by OEM manufacturers. You can get more or less the same quality printing as with genuine product and even additional quantity printing. <br><br>Both the quality and quantity go hand in hand with remanufactured Ricoh 405688, gc31k ink cartridges as these are really great for giving a professional black touch to your printing. You have to have printer in your home and business environment from getting printing and this is a very vital part of your environment. When printer is vital then you can’t deny the significance of printer ink cartridges and when it comes to them, gc31k black ink cartridges are the primary choice of the people around the world. For getting your printer ink cartridges you can contact with


Manufacturer Part No.: 405688
Colour: Black
Capacity: Standard Capacity
Page Yield: 1,920 Pages
Product Type: Ink Cartridge
Brand/Manufacturer: Ricoh
EAN: 4961311852497

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The Ricoh 405688 works in the following printers: