Epson 10x15 Glossy Photo Paper, 50 Sheets, Buy One Get One Free (S042177)

by Epson
price: product discontinued
Technical Details

4x6, 10x15cm Size, 50 Sheets, Weight: 255g/m2

Get the amazing Epson s042177 Photo Paper

If you are looking to find the very best quality photo paper that gives realistic photo quality then you have come to the right place. We have a number of quality 10x15 glossy photo papers for you, and we are selling them at a cheap price too. That is something that will surely blow your mind off. We have top quality photo papers like Epson S042177 of size 10x15cm glossy photo papers. There are a lot of photo papers that are available over the online market but a top quality product like Epson S042177 photo paper is pretty hard to find. There are many reasons that make this photo paper, much better and a lot superior than the rest of the photo papers that are available in the market. Epson 10x15 glossy photo papers (S042177) are ideal for the people who want dynamic colours, on a surface that is quick drying.

Epson 10x15 Size Glossy Photo Paper

The people, who have been using Epson S042177 photo papers, are aware of the fact that these photo papers really are one of the best quality photo papers one can ever find. The photo paper has a size of 4 x 6 and the pack contains 50 sheets. The realistic photo printing, on an excellent surface is something really amazing. Then the photos that you will get if you are using Epson 10x15 glossy S042177 glossy photo paper are smudge and water resistant, which means that your photos will last long, really long. So if you are looking to buy something that really is of the best quality, Epson 10x15 glossy photo paper is the product you should look at, because the product has a spectacular combination of amazing durability, superb quality and cheap, that will be pretty hard for you to find.

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