Genuine Kodak No 30 Pigment Black Ink Cartridge - 395-2330 (3952330)

Kodak No 30 Pigment Black Ink Cartridge - 395-2330

Genuine Kodak 3952330

  •    Standard Capacity black ink cartridge
  •    Lowest delivered price online
  •    100% guaranteed compatibility
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Cheaper Compatible Alternatives

Premium Quality Compatible Black Ink Cartridge for Kodak 30 - 395 2330, 15ml
  • Standard Capacity black cartridge
  • 61% of the cost of 3952330
  • 100% guaranteed compatibility

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JettecK30BX2 Replacement Twin Pack Black Ink Cartridges (Alternative to Kodak 30 3952330)
  • Standard Capacity black cartridge
  • 71% of the cost of 3952330
  • 100% guaranteed compatibility

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Genuine standard capacity Kodak black ink cartridge, part number 3952330 for 14 Kodak ESP/ESP Office/Hero printers. 2 compatible cartridges are available to replace the Kodak 3952330. These can be found above, under the price information.

Kodak 30 Ink Cartridges

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Kodak no 30 black ink

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Manufacturer Part No.: 3952330
Colour: Black
Capacity: Standard Capacity
Page Yield: Approx. 335 pages
Product Type: Ink Cartridge
Brand/Manufacturer: Kodak

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The Kodak 3952330 works in the following printers: